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Different Foot Ailments That Orthotics Can Alleviate

Although your feet work toward keeping you mobile whilst bearing your weight, they are still one of the most overlooked body parts. Failure to take the proper measures to keeping your feet in good condition will lead to the arches they use to support your body being compromised. This in turn results in various foot ailments that can cause a significant amount of pain. One of the methods podiatrists will use to remedy this is through orthotics. Here are some of the different foot ailments that orthotics can alleviate.

Heel spurs

Heel spurs refer to an inflammatory condition whereby the fibrous tissue that your heel is composed of become overstretched. If left unchecked, the tissue will experience tears as you keep exerting pressure on your heel. Heel spurs are characterised by sharp pain emanating directly from the heel. The pain may subside during the course of the day but most patients will complain of an incessant dull ache when they apply pressure on their foot. Orthotics help to alleviate the progression of heel spurs by providing your foot with longitudinal support. You podiatrist will also prescribe the use of a heel cup to ensure that your foot is receiving the appropriate support as the fibrous tissue is given time to heal.


This type of foot ailment will typically develop if you are constantly wearing ill-fitting shoes. If your toes do not have the appropriate amount of space to stretch out when you are in shoes, your toes will gradually begin to curl inward and start resembling a mallet or a hammer. Not only does this cause your toes to lose their inherent grip, but also this condition will affect your overall balance, as your entire foot is not planted firmly on the ground. If left unchecked, it can also cause debilitating pain to the patient. Orthotics are typically prescribed for this condition to aid in the reconstruction of your metatarsal arch. The orthotics also work toward relieving both your flexor and extensor tendons, hence ensuring your toes can now go back to their correct position.

Foot imbalance

If your feet are imbalanced, it will eventually lead to the misalignment of your spine. Since your entire body weight rests on our feet, you will begin experiencing problems with your ankles, knee joints, lower back and more as your posture will be compromised. To alleviate this imbalance, your podiatrist will recommend orthotics to remedy the misalignment in your feet arches, thus restoring your balance.

If you feel you are having any problems with your feet, contact a local podiatrist's office, such as The Healthy Foot.