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Temporary Foot Pain Reduction Techniques When You're Away From Home On Holiday

The Christmas school holidays are always the perfect time to head away with the family thanks to the combination of hot summer weather and a six-week break for the kids. However, when you are away from home and foot pain takes hold, each step further into your holiday can be painful and a distraction from the family vacation. Until you get home and visit your local podiatrist to clear up the matter, there are a couple of ways you can dull the pain at the end of each day.

Epsom Salt Foot Detox

Also known as magnesium sulfate heptahydrate, Epsom salts can be purchased over-the-counter at the nearest chemist. Find a container you can place both feet in, and fill it up with warm water to a level that covers your feet up to your ankles. Add half a cup of Epsom salts, and soak your feet for 30 minutes to reduce the pain you are feeling.

While your feet are soaking in the water, your skin will absorb some of the salts. The magnesium ions in the salt will block the pain receptors in your feet that are sending pain messages to your brain, and this is why after a good soak your feet will ache a lot less. Do an Epsom salt foot detox at the end of each day for the remainder of your holiday to keep the pain levels at a minimum.

Hot And Cold Water Treatment

Another pain relieving treatment you can try while away from home only requires access to hot and cold water and two containers. Fill one container with hot water and one container with cold water to a level that will cover your feet up to the ankles. Make sure the hot water is at a bearable temperature for you to place your feet into rather than one that will burn your skin.

Place your feet into the hot water container for three minutes and then move your feet into the cold water container for up to one minute. Repeat this cycle two more times before drying your feet off. The hot water soak encourages the blood to flow through your feet. The more the blood flows through the nerve endings, the less sensitive they will be. The cold water soak reduces the inflammation in your feet because the temperature change will shock the nerve endings into becoming smaller. The less inflamed your nerve endings are, the less pain you will experience.

Once you have returned from your holiday, make an appointment with your podiatrist to locate the source of your foot pain. It is important to get feet issues sorted quickly so they don't impact on any future holiday plans you have.