How to Prevent Heel Pain When Playing Tennis

As fun a game as tennis is, one of the most common downsides of the game is developing heel pain problems, including heel spurs and plantar fasciitis. This happens because of the high impact forces experienced by the ligaments, bones and muscles every time you play the game. However, it's possible to minimize the risk of developing heel pain by being aware of the forces that cause it and learning how to do things differently. [Read More]

5 Ways to Prevent Foot Pain When One Foot is Bigger Than the Other

One foot bigger than the other? You're not alone – an estimated 60% of the population has different sized feet, and that can make buying shoes a real pain. However, there are several steps you can take to ensure that your mismatched feet don't cause too much pain or discomfort. 1. Buy for the Bigger Foot This is the Golden Rule: always buy shoes that fit the larger foot. It's generally less damaging to have shoes that are a little too big rather than those that are cramped and confining; too small of shoes can lead to serious problems, and it's much easier to fill in the space around a small foot than it is to stretch out a shoe for a big foot. [Read More]

Breaking In Your Orthotic Devices

Your orthotic foot device is specifically designed for your foot condition and is a great way to keep your feet healthy and comfortable. However, these orthotic devices will require some adjustment for your feet to get used to the new areas of support. This period of adjustment is called breaking in and often takes a while. As you break into fulltime wearing of your orthotic devices, it may be discomforting to your feet and you should contact your podiatrist if the discomfort becomes excessive. [Read More]

Temporary Foot Pain Reduction Techniques When You're Away From Home On Holiday

The Christmas school holidays are always the perfect time to head away with the family thanks to the combination of hot summer weather and a six-week break for the kids. However, when you are away from home and foot pain takes hold, each step further into your holiday can be painful and a distraction from the family vacation. Until you get home and visit your local podiatrist to clear up the matter, there are a couple of ways you can dull the pain at the end of each day. [Read More]