A Professional Runner's Best Tool: Using a Gait Analysis to Avoid Runner's Knee

Australia is a dream country for runners, with its beautiful landscape and well-kept roads.All professional or serious runners know just how important their gait and overall form is. Improper gait and form can lead to an array of injuries, like runner's knee, as approximately 42% of all running injuries are to the knee. To prevent these injuries, get a gait analysis at a place like The Walking Clinic. The Gist of a Gait Analysis

Treating Chronic Foot Problems Commonly Suffered By Long-Distance Cyclists

For many people, long-distance cycling is a rewarding and infinitely challenging hobby, testing the limits of your mental and physical endurance. Sadly, driving your body so hard inevitably leads to the occasional injuries, aches and pains all distance riders endure, and the feet are likely to be the first parts of your body to suffer. Since the feet are under so much strain for prolonged periods as they pedal, cyclists can often suffer from debilitating and painful foot disorders.

Different Foot Ailments That Orthotics Can Alleviate

Although your feet work toward keeping you mobile whilst bearing your weight, they are still one of the most overlooked body parts. Failure to take the proper measures to keeping your feet in good condition will lead to the arches they use to support your body being compromised. This in turn results in various foot ailments that can cause a significant amount of pain. One of the methods podiatrists will use to remedy this is through orthotics.

Why You Should Never Ignore Pain in the Balls of Your Feet

Take a moment to consider the difference in how you walk when you're barefoot to how you walk in shoes, particularly rigid shoes. Women's feet can be constricted in high heels, just as men's feet can be in business shoes. Your gait is altered, and this can sometimes have a lasting effect on the wellbeing of your feet. Perhaps the most obvious sign of this effect is an unpleasant condition known as metatarsalgia.

How best to protect your feet

If you have ever experienced a problem with your feet, you will quickly realize the essential role they play in your life. In every way, your feet equal your mobility. Keeping feet healthy is a crucial part of your overall health, yet feet are often the most neglected parts of the body; perhaps because they're all the way down at the bottom of the legs.  Ask people about their foot-care regime and most will discuss buffing their heels, perhaps rubbing in a little cream or even, for women, putting a coat of polish on their toe-nails.

Questions People Ask a Podiatrist About Sweaty Feet

If you are suffering from a condition in which your feet become excessively sweaty no matter what you do to keep them dry, you may have a condition that podiatrists call plantar hyperhidrosis. To help you understand more about this condition, here are the answers to some common questions people ask. What Is Plantar Hyperhidrosis? -- The name stands for excessive foot sweat and is a condition in which your sweat glands create a substantial amount of sweat, more than is necessary to keep your feet cool.